Why new anime sucks!

A certain friend of mine keeps nagging me to move on from my old boomer animes and to watch new stuff. So I thought I would take the time to explain my position on why I mostly ignore new shows.

One thing I despise about new anime is the excesive CG. The CG looks very out of place, creating constant distraction. It is very hard to take seriously, as everything looks so visually fake. The only time CG in animation was ever done somewhat competently is "Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse," and everything else has been terrible. A good example is the old Evangelion TV show and the Evangelion movies. In the old show, everything looks visually pleasing. But in the new movies, they make heavy use of the CG, especially on the Evangelion mechs. In motion, it looks very unconvincing and takes you out of the experience. This is a universal problem with almost all modern anime, and even Hollywood.

A second is moe waifu trash. Every show tries to add in cutesy moe waifu stuff and I find it unbearable. I don't hate female characters, it just feels forced and excessive. The Japanese suits just want to sell figures and bodypillows and it feels as if they specificly design these shows to do that. It is virtually impossible to find a show with a cast like "Legend of the Galatic Heros," because they won't make enough money. The absolute state of modern anime is tragic.

Low-quality animation and uniformity is also a problem with modern anime. Today, most shows are drawn in a similer style with similer character design, that all blends together. They use cheap tricks, like filling the background with simple colors during motion so they don't have to animate it.(Click here for an example) These kinds of shortcuts both consciously and subconsciously lead to you care less on what is happening on screen.

In short, I dislike modern anime because of distracting CG, moe and waifus, and low quality animation. I hope this will help explain my position.