Linux distros I approve

Although I still use Windows on my main computer because the Nvidia drivers keep messing up, on all of my other computers I have a Linux distro installed. I am a big fan of the philosphy behind Linux and free software, so I though I would make a list of distros I'm a fan of.

  1. Manjaro Linux

    This is my most used distro. Manjaro Linux is a great beginner-friendly distro. The installation is simple, easy to use, has a good GUI. I recommend the windows-like XFCE flavour. If you don't like what Manjaro ships with, becacuse it's linux, you can keep using the same distro and change the desktop envoirment and window manager. It's the most "just werks" distro I tried. I reccomend this to basically everyone. Also based off of Arch and comes with pacman and AUR which is a plus.

  2. Elemetry OS

    Highly reccomended for people coming from mac to escape the apple gulag. Aestitically very Mac OS, based on ubuntu, works pretty well. The first distro I ever installed.

  3. Arco Linux

    The middle son between Manjaro and Arch. Installation is much more personalized, letting you choose form a dozen pre-configured window managers, browsers, video players, ect, this requires some familiarity with Linux. Unlike Manjaro, the rolling release updates come out at the same time as Arch, making it more unstable than Manjaro. This has the best community, and people are very willing to help. Install this if you're ready to graduate from Manjaro, Ubuntu, or any more beginner-friendly distro.

  4. Arch Linux

    The big brother of Manjaro and Arco, one of the most memed distros, although the install can be a bit complicated, it's a good distro all around. The AUR is great having all the software you need, reccomended for more knowlagable people. Also if you're weird and don't like systemd, use Artix Linux, basically the same thing but with other init systems.