Fun video games I enjoy and recommend

While I have a Xbox One S, due to multiplayer being too expensive I play on PC exclusivly right now.

  1. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

    Good very polished shooter, very expensive, fun multiplayer, will keep you entertained. Not working on linux.

  2. PT: Playable Teaser

    Although the orignal PT demo has been nuked off of PSN, some madlad remade it in unreal 4. It's still spooky and fun. It's also free, so nothing to lose (except your sleep, potentionally). Highly reccomended. Thanks Kojima. Works on linux via lutris

  3. Final Fantasy XV

    Very underated game, good graphics, fun (and somewhat clunkey) combat, superb music, more people need to play it. Versus XV when, Nomura? Works on linux via proton.